15976967_10211533581193195_2289055327631832619_nIbbi Lion launches “TAKE A LOOK”

Kingston, Jamaica – January 17, 2017: Vinyl Thursdays at Veggie Meals on Wheels (VMOW) will bear witness to the launch of the book titled “Take a Look” on Thursday, February 2,  2017 starting at 8:30pm-9:30pm.

Alfred “Ibbi Lion” Brissett, author and co-owner of VMOW will share creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and entertainment through his new book that takes the reader on an excursion of explorations through artistry and words.
Lion explains that “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve, hence, “Take a Look” gives full proof documentation of ideas brought into reality from the thought process.  Highlighting the marketing effect of a simple sticker is also a phenomenon that Ibbi has outlined in his book.
The launch and publication of this book is geared towards empowering people globally and especially the youths to grow their ideas into glitters of glory despite limitations.  The art he says is in the start.

Patrons are invited to come out and share, laugh, converse, eat, be inspired and have fun as they get a peek of “Take a Look”.

For more info contact:
Simiya House Empire (SHE)

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