The Veggie Meals on Wheels Story…

kingstonOperating with the conviction that “everyone has a right to eat healthy”, Veggie Meals on Wheels’ flagship location in downtown Kingston is a tropical vegan oasis in Regal Plaza, Cross Roads.  From this location Veggie Meals on Wheels caters musical and artistic events and concerts throughout Kingston and vicinity, as well as creating a full menu of ever-changing vegan delights served in the creatively styled cafe.008

Veggie Meals on Wheels celebrates ital & green lifestyle by serving a wide range of wholesome and delicious vegan food and promoting cultural events in Jamaica and now worldwide

Veggie Meals on Wheels  is pleased to now also be serving our delicious menu at events in Brooklyn, NY and have expanded our catering service to cover NYC metro area, New Jersey & Connecticut.  Also available for tour bookings.  More locations globally to follow soon!


Find010 the original Veggie Meals on Wheels location at Regal Plaza in Kingston, Jamaica and find a daily selection of tasty vegan delights including (but not limited to!) pineapple tofu, BBQ tofu, jerk tofu, sweet and sour tofu, brown stew tofu, tofu wrap with ackee and greens, veggie wraps, pasta, curried channa, veggie chili, pad thai, ackee with sweet potato…and on and on…


Find Veggie Meals on Wheels at Regal Plaza in Kingston…serving hot specials, veggie burgers, fresh fruit smoothies and other ital delights daily!


Also find us representing conscious cuisine at Rebel Salute 2015




Feast musically and foodically with Veggie Meals on Wheels every Sunday night in Brooklyn, NY at Liv It Up Sundayz…let us fill your plate with a variety of fresh ital creations each week, from ital stew to tofu and fresh salads, staples like plantains and chef Ibby’s special veggie fritters, vegan pastries and Mystic fish dish on the grill…all this is at The Den in Brooklyn alongside Soul Jah Sundays featuring talented selectors and live artists each week, in a royal roots session with full bar…Live It Up!





Veggie Meals on Wheels also offers catering services in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut…see our catering page for more info!

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