Livity Merkato


Welcome to Livity Merkato, where we’d like to share with you the best in creative & cultural wares.  Support conscious businesses and positive business people!

ITAL SEASONING – Whole Heap Seasoning by Veggie Meals on Wheels


When not dining at Veggie Meals on Wheels, the home chef can take advantage of our signature seasoning blend “Whole Heap”.  This ital blend contains parsley, basil, cumin, crushed pepper, celery and other natural spices…no salt…manufactured to Chef Ibby Lion’s specifications in Kingston, JA.  $10/ oz bottle. Contact us at to order, also for sale at our musical events.


TURMERIC COOKING OIL – Natural vegetable oil – A treat for home cooks, Veggie Meals on Wheels’ special vegetable cooking oil infused with turmeric can be used to season stews, fish, tofu & all proteins, rice, pasta, fritters, soup, sauces, etc.  Contact us at to order, also for sale at our musical events.


JUS ACKEE – Frozen Seasoned Ackee by Veggie Meals on Wheels – Coming Soon!  Eat Ackee Everyday…  Available soon at all Veggie Meals on Wheels locations, you can purchase our delicious ackee pre-cooked and seasoned so that you can conveniently enjoy this exceptional dish at home.  Can be used with saltfish, string bean, broccoli, tofu, chunks, breadfruit strips, sweet potato strips, etc.  Contact for more info.




Haile I-traits, meaning “powerful icons” or “mighty portraits” is a business dedicated to uplifting a conscious nation through Rasta art and Ethiopian history.


I-Nation Books & Necessities Find I-Nation at most Veggie Meals on Wheels events locations and conscious gatherings internationally, feed your brain and stock up on wisdom & information!

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